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Aloha my name is Tony & I am a portrait photographer Honolulu Hawaii. Some people love being in front of the camera, others aren't as comfortable. A good portrait photographer must know how to deal with both ends of the spectrum & everything in between. That's my job; getting an easy give-&-take going between us. It's my job to help you relax, express who you really are, have fun with the camera, & actually enjoy the photo session. & it really can be fun! Honolulu Family Portraits using Oahu's breathtaking & Beautiful Seascapes as a backdrop. I highly recommend a location away from Waikiki Beach which can be very crowded for a family photo session, Waimanalo beach would be my first location recommendation. What makes a photo unique? In twenty-five words or less, it's photographer's ability to frame the subject. Combining the choice of the right lens, background, foreground, angle, perspective, focal length, aperture, & so on. A great photographer can shoot in the middle of nowhere & still create timeless art. Having the great backgrounds that we have here in the Hawaiian Islands is a real advantage. We offer affordable photography packages & services for family portraits, engagement portraits, family portraits on Oahu & have a 10% Military discount & a 10% Senior Citizen's discount && are based in Honolulu on the island of Oahu & can travel to your location to capture timeless memories of your Hawaii vacation or special event.